Gas Log Fires

There are many gas log fires on the market today. Open gas log fires are for ambience, they heat very little and consume more gas than a sealed gas log fire. Sealed gas log fires are genuine space heaters heating from 80 square metres to 150 square metres, some of these have very good star ratings, the higher the star rating the more efficient they are. A 5 star gas heater will cost 30% less to run than a 3 star heater.

Most of the inbuilt gas log fires are zero clearance which means they can be built into timber and plaster, or you can cut a hole in the wall and encase the heater with a weathercasing on the outside.

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IS507 Stainless Steel IS553 Federation Red
IS900 FSC101C
There is no more efficient heater on the market.

Heats up to 150 square metres, the flue is 40mm PVC pipe
which makes for an easy and flexible installation.
The heater has an automatic humidifier built into the heater.

With a heating capacity of 250 sq meters and a star rating of 5.4,
the new IS900 has a combustion process which delivers high efficiency
and high heat output as well as a beautiful looking fire.

Energy Star Rating: 5.7 stars


Chateau Hermitage

Grange Grange Slimline
The Coonara hermitage and the Coonara Grange are
the freestanding models.

The Hermitage has been a great seller for years,
heats 100 square metres, looks good, easy to operate,
the switches are on the top of the heater.
Available with either a rear flue or a vertical flue.

The Chateau is the inbuilt version of the Hermitage.

The Grange is 5.1 star and heats 150 square metres,
available in a freestanding and a inbuilt model.
Can be rear or top flued.

Energy Star Rating: 4.2 star up to 5.1 star

Heat & Glo

Heat & Glow 350 Heat & Glow 550

Heat & Glow XLR-Plus Heat & Glow Supreme I30
The 350 is the smallest of the Heat & Glo fires, it's shallow depth suits installation in small spaces. The 550 is the most popular size and has realistic campfire logs.

The 6000 TRSI also has a realistic campfire and balanced flue.

The XLR Plus is a stylish gas fire with a balanced flue, with a choice of fronts and burn media. The Supreme I30 is designed to fit into an existing fireplace.


Nectre 2001
Freestanding Gas Log Fire

Great value like all Nectre Fires, heats 80 square metres.
Built like a woodheater so has more radiant
heat than most gas log fires even though
it is a convection heater.

The window is double glazed so it doesn’t
need a meshguard.

Nectre Legend DV36 gas log fire
Legend DV36
The Legend DV36 is designed to heat a living area,
this gas log fire has a lovely glow
with good flame, zero clearance
with a balanced flue either horizontal or vertical,
the price is good too.


Jetmaster Gas

Jetmaster Open Gas Log Fires are mostly decorative.

There is a large selection of gas log and coal grates
available in different sizes, they have a range of
decorative fronts to choose from.

These grates can be put into an existing brick chimney
or they can be put into a convector box with a fan.



Heats up 200 square metres. Stylish, contemporary
design with a large rectangular glass. Available in
logs, pebbles or coals.

Comes standard with thermostat remote so you can
modulate the flame and gas consumption as
required to achieve your desired temperature.

By not wasting excess gas you will lower the
impact on the environment and your gas bills.

Can be flued horizontally, under the floor or vertically.
Enegy Star Rating: 4.6 star


Regency I31
Regency I35
Regency has a large range of gas log fires. The I-31 inbuilt gas log fire
heats a medium sized room and fits into most brick chimneys.

The IG-34 has a direct vent flue which doesn’t compromise the
air quality inside, it goes into a brick chimney and
heats a generous living area.