Focus Filiofocus


  • Heats Up to 6 Squares
  • Made in France 
  • Telescopic or Fixed Model
  • Inground or Standing Hearth
  • Hood Available in 1600mm or 2000mm
  • Disc Size 1160mm

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"It is magnificent - congratulations..."

Wrote Sir Norman Foster after Dominique Imbert created a giant Filiofocus for a prestigious reception area in a building designed by the architect.

This elegant, stylish model is based on that original design however scaled down to suit domestic interiors. Featuring an innovative telescopic system, allowing you to draw down the hood to close off the hearth. The perfect marriage of function and refined style.

The fixed-hood glass paneled Filiofocus comes in two versions, version 2000 and version 1600, both featuring heat resistant glass panels.

The refined and original Filiofocus was given a Gold Medal for design at the Batimat trade exhibition in Paris, France and given a silver medal for design in Stuttgart, Germany.