Woodheaters - Freestanding

There are many freestanding wood heaters available in Australia today. There are two kinds of wood heaters convection and radiant. The most popular choice is convection with a fan. Convection heats the air and with a fan they heat quicker. They have low clearances because the outside of the heater doesn't get hot. They can heat very large areas. Radiant heaters heat by radiating heat so they get hot all over. You can cook on them. They can be well priced and you will get bang for your buck.

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 Mk 1 Legs 800 Model
Nectre Woodheaters are a robust,older
style unit made inSouth Australia.The traditional
range are exceptional value,one of the few heaters
that have a cook top and a fan.Their KW output
 will out perform many other brands.



Hamersley Stirling
Jindara Woodheaters are made by Gasons in
Ararat Victoria.Jindara have a comprehensive range
of well designed and built heaters that look good
in any application.The Hamersley Freestanding is a
favourite, it has a big firebox,and a large window.


Onyx Opal
Eureka Woodheaters are made in Ararat Victoria
and boast having big bay window units capable of
heating up to 35 squares.They are the only brand
of freestanding woodheaters which distributes hot
air to floor level.There are also two double sided
heaters in their range

Clean Air

 Medium  Medium Charcoal

Cleanair Freestanding come in small, medium and large.
They are all generous sized fireboxes.
 They have a large choice of metallic paint
 colours with chrome or gold trim.


 Coonara Settler C600 Freestanding Woodheater  Coonara Range Freestanding Woodheater
Settler C600
Coonara is the Aussie icon, proudly Australian made,
they have a large range of sizes in freestanding heaters.
From the Coonara Compact which heats 10 sq's to the
Coonara Firelight which heats 30 sq's.

The new Settler range has been just released.
The Settler Ranch has a high efficiency of 72% with
low emissions of 1.3g/kg, this heats up to 22 sq.


Arrow 2400
The Arrow woodheater has been keeping families
warm for decades. They come with cast iron liners
and cast iron grates plus the convenience of an

The old timers love it.



Port Phillip C600 Stainless C500
Heatcharm have been known as a quality brand for
a long time, they have a large range of colours in
a gloss or matt finish.

The cast iron liners in the firebox retain heat and protect the firebox.


Morso 1440
Morso 1410
Made in Denmark.
Morso are recognised for their style and classic design.
They are built from solid cast iron which
has a unique ability to store heat and release
to it’s surroundings when the fire has gone out.


Jotul F3 Black
Jotul F3 Cream
The woodheater the ladies love, especially
in the ivory colour. Jotul is a traditional
Norwegian company boasting the highest
quality standards. Made from cast iron most
of the models have a grate and ashpan.
The large 500 model has a side door
for loading logs as well as the front door.
Mostly they are chosen for the detail on the
stove, they are a showpiece in a room.


Rosewood Blackwood
Saxon wood heaters have a 8 mm steel
firebox with a 10 year warranty.

Very sturdy built heaters with large door
openings, there are two models in the
flat front, the Blackwood and Mahogany
and two bay window models, the Walnut and Rosewood.
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