Woodheaters - In-built

Inbuilt woodheaters are designed to go into an existing brick chimney, with a flue going up the chimney. If you want the look of an inbuilt but don’t have a brick chimney then most brands have a zero clearance option. This is when the woodheater is put into a zero clearance box and built into a timber and plaster chimney breast according to the manufacturers specifications. The flue is a triple skin flue in this application. A great option for when you are building a new home or renovating.

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Clean Air

Clean Air Victorian In-built
 Clean Air In-built
A very popular brand, looks good and performs well. They have a large range of colours and are very generous in the size of the firebox. The large size boasts a 12 hour overnight burn.

They have the simplest zero clearance application on the market.


Solitaire In-built
Best known for their bay windows,
they have three sizes available in bay
window inbuilts. Also three flat window heaters,
one being the Sovereign Edwardian with
alloy fascia and polished mantle.



Hammersley Federation
Hammersley Inset
The Jindara is liked for it’s simple clean lines.

It has cast iron liners in the firebox and good
depth for the build up of ash.


Arrow 2000
The Arrow inbuilt is available in two sizes,
it has cast iron liners and a cast iron grate
with an ashpan for the convenience of cleaning.


Coonara Settler I600
Coonara Medium Coonara Settler 600
Coonara has four inbuilt Woodheaters in
their range - the existing Coonara
compact and medium, plus two new
heaters, the Settler 500 and 600.
These two models have cast iron
liners in the firebox.

They have a high efficiency of 66%
with low emissions of 1.2g/kg


Port Phillip 600 Bay Window
Series 6 600 Burgundy
The heatcharm I 600 has been a favourite
for years, a great heater which fits a
lot of fireplaces, the new model series 6
is well liked for the simple fascia on the

The Victorian inbuilt is very popular with the
ladies looking for the traditional fireplace.


Wall Fire MK1 In-built
The best value money can buy. The traditional
inbuilt is not a large heater but still packs
a punch and you will love the price.

The new Wall Fire is designed and built for
zero clearance, this will be a
winner this winter.


The Bellerive and Berwick are contemporary styled
inbuilt Woodheaters suitable for a brick chimney
or zero clearance.

The Bellerive heats up to 250 square metres and has
a large glass viewing area.


Blackwood In-built
The Blackwood inbuilt woodheater has a 8 mm
large firebox suitable for heating an area up to 23 squares


Evolution 6 In-built
The Evolution inbuilt woodheaters come in three sizes.

Evo 4 will heat 10 -12 squares,
Evo 6 will heat 15 - 18 squares
and the Evo 8 will heat 25 squares.