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Embark on Your Outdoor Kitchen Journey Today

Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen with alfresco vibes? You're in the right place. This detailed guide introduces you to the art of crafting a bespoke outdoor kitchen using Weber's innovative ideas and design platform. Learn how simple it is to create an outdoor haven that aligns with your culinary desires, from modular setups to integrated BBQs. Dive in and uncover the secrets to creating your ideal outdoor kitchen.

Start Designing your Weber Outdoor Kitchen

Step 1: Choose your BBQ

Realise Your Vision: The Quintessential Outdoor Oasis

Imagine a captivating outdoor haven where culinary magic happens. Melbourne Woodheating Centre is your partner in turning this vision into reality. Whether it's stylish outdoor kitchen cabinets that elevate your outdoor kitchen setting or cutting-edge cooking gadgets like the perfect in-built barbeque, our extensive collection caters to every occasion and every need. Picture hosting vibrant BBQ gatherings, experimenting with smoky flavours, or savouring a tranquil dinner beneath the shimmering stars. Our offerings, from stainless steel burners to outdoor refrigeration solutions, are tailored for the Australian outdoors. Explore our variety of countertops and kitchen packages to sculpt the outdoor kitchen you've always wanted.

Time to Navigate Your Outdoor Kitchen Design Journey

Embark on the thrilling journey of shaping your new outdoor kitchen. With Weber's intuitive platform, begin by selecting a barbecue that resonates with you, followed by the perfect modules - think cabinets, drawers, fridges, sinks, and more. Elevate your outdoor space with luxe granite countertops and a cascade finish, all while picking from a spectrum of cabinet colours.

Step 2: Choose your Modules

The Modular Advantage: Select Your BBQ, Cooler, Cabinets, and Storage for a Grand Alfresco Experience

Alfresco dining is an art, and the right ensemble can elevate your culinary adventures. At Melbourne Woodheating Centre, pick from an assortment of outdoor fridges to ensure your beverages and foods remain refreshingly cold. They couple perfectly with our outdoor cabinets, which are a blend of elegance and functionality, offering ample storage for your outdoor cooking essentials. Pair these with a state-of-the-art gas grill barbeque, and you're set for memorable outdoor feasts. Assess your space, pinpoint the ideal components, and embark on your custom outdoor kitchen design journey.

Opt for Weber's Summit E-660 Six Burner and E-460 Four Burner Grills

Dive into the realm of alfresco luxury with Weber's Summit E-660 Six Burner and E-460 Four Burner variants. These integrated grills boast unparalleled performance and premium features, standing as the crown jewels of your outdoor kitchen. Amplify your outdoor culinary experiences with expansive cooking zones and powerful, efficient burners.

Step 3: Choose your Style

Personalise Your Space: A Palette of Countertop Hues and Cabinetry Finishes

Infuse your personality into your outdoor kitchen by selecting from a myriad of countertop shades and cabinet finishes. Whether it's the elegance of Midnight Black, the serenity of Rose White, or the rustic charm of Split Cedar, craft an outdoor alfresco space that's a reflection of you.

Expand Your Alfresco Kitchen with Diverse Kitchen Cabinet Modules

Elevate your custom Weber Kitchen with our eclectic module range. Be it storage drawers, or spacious cabinets, these additions amplify functionality. Their standard dimensions ensure seamless integration, crafting a truly personalised kitchen that's perfect for your space.

Midnight Black

Pebble Grey

Rose White

Manganese Black

Mortar White

Sentry Grey

Split Cedar

The Weber Commitment: Unparalleled Warranty and Stellar Customer Support

Opting for an outdoor kitchen from Melbourne Woodheating Centre means you're backed by Weber's unmatched warranty and stellar customer service. With seamless delivery and assembly by Weber, your journey is smooth from start to finish. Plus, our dedicated team is always on standby to assist with any questions. We're here to help you design and install a dream outdoor kitchen package that's perfectly suited for your lifestyle and budget. Let us help you come up with the best outdoor kitchen for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

Kickstart Your Luxury Outdoor Dining Lifestyle

  • Start by handpicking your barbeque and desired modules for your custom built kitchen.
  • For the pinnacle of luxury, choose the Weber Summit E-660 Six Burner or E-460 Four Burner models.
  • Showcase your style with a range of outdoor countertop and cabinet finishes.
  • Integrate additional modules for enhanced functionality and storage.
  • Choose a bar fridge that's perfect for your design and needs.
  • Relish the peace of mind that comes with Weber's renowned warranty and customer service.
  • Enhance your outdoor BBQ kitchen with a range of outdoor kitchen accessories.

Create your dream alfresco kitchen with Melbourne Woodheating Centre today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Natural Gas and LPG differ?

Natural gas and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) are both favoured fuels for outdoor kitchen BBQs. While natural gas is a direct utility to homes, LPG is a portable solution supplied in tanks. Both offer efficient energy for your grilling needs, and Melbourne Woodheating Centre is here to guide you to the best choice for your home and circumstances.

What's a Side Burner Grill?

A side burner grill is a culinary companion to your main BBQ. Positioned on the side, it offers an additional cooking zone, perfect for whipping up sides or sauces. Whether it's simmering veggies or heating a marinade, it adds versatility to your outdoor cooking.

Do alfresco outdoor kitchens feature rangehoods?

While not mandatory, a rangehood can be a valuable addition to an outdoor kitchen. Factors like ventilation, roof height, and the kitchen's location play a role. A rangehood efficiently vents smoke, enhancing the cooking experience and comfort of your guests, and looks great too, adding a professional touch to your setup! Consult with Melbourne Woodheating Centre for tailored advice.

What's the typical cost of an outdoor kitchen?

The cost of crafting a custom outdoor kitchen varies based on size, materials, and customisation levels. While basic setups start from a few thousand dollars, premium designs with premium features can be a significant investment that adds value to your home and allows you to expand your outdoor cooking adventures. No matter what size kitchen you budget for, Melbourne Woodheating Centre are here to take you on the journey.

Is investing in a quality outdoor kitchen worthwhile?

An outdoor kitchen is more than just a culinary space; it's an investment in lifestyle and home value. It's a sought-after feature for potential buyers and offers endless enjoyment for outdoor cooking and dining enthusiasts. With Melbourne Woodheating Centre, you're assured of quality and style.

Should an outdoor kitchen have a roof?
A roof isn't absolutely compulsory but is recommended as it offers protection from the elements and enhances the lifespan of your kitchen equipment. It also ensures comfort during varying weather conditions. The design should resonate with your outdoor space and personal preferences.
What's the ideal location for an outdoor kitchen?
The perfect spot for your outdoor kitchen hinges on various factors, from proximity to your indoor kitchen to wind direction and utility access. Local regulations and building codes also play a role. Melbourne Woodheating Centre's seasoned team can guide you through these nuances, ensuring your outdoor kitchen is perfectly positioned and designed to suit your needs and circumstances.

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