Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Enjoy the unbeatable ambience of a real wood fire. Safe, stylish and economical, our extensive range of inbuilt wood heaters will give you years of warmth and comfort. Whether you love the look of a traditional log fire or your taste runs more towards modern, sleek styling, we have the perfect choice for your home.

Inbuilt wood heaters can be installed within an existing fireplace to maximise heat output and efficiency. Zero clearance models do not require an existing fireplace. They can be installed directly into stud plaster walls which give you flexibility to decide where to place your wood heater. Not sure about the best option for you? Contact us here to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team or visit our showroom in Lilydale.

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Discover the Warmth of Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Experience the cosy comfort of a real wood fire from Melbourne Woodheating Centre. Designed to seamlessly blend into your home, our heaters offer the perfect balance of style and functionality. Winter in Melbourne can often be harsh, and there’s nothing like coming home to the warmth and ambience of an inbuilt wood fireplace. If you’re unsure about what model will suit your home and lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place!

We Have All the Big Brands: Coonara, Regency, Masport, Nectre, Saxon and More!

At Melbourne Woodheating Centre, we stock a wide selection of inbuilt wood heaters from major brands such as Regency, Masport, and Nectre. Each brand offers unique features and designs, ensuring you can find the perfect heater to suit your needs and style.

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Efficient Heat for Your Home

Inbuilt wood heaters are not just about style; they’re also about efficient warmth. With impressive heat output and heating capacity, these heaters are designed to keep your home warm during the cooler months. Plus, with clean air technology, you can enjoy the comfort of a wood fire with low emissions.

Shop Our Range of Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Explore our expansive selection of inbuilt wood heaters. From sleek, contemporary designs to traditional wood fires, we have a selection to suit every home and lifestyle. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to help find the perfect heater for your space.

Quality Australian Products at Competitive Prices

At Melbourne Woodheating Centre, we believe in offering great value. That’s why we provide a huge choice of heaters at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a standard model or a premium brand like Regency, we have options to suit every budget.

Professional Installation Services

Installation of an inbuilt wood heater requires expertise to ensure safety and efficiency. Our team can organise professional installation, ensuring your new wood heater is installed correctly and complies with Australian standards.

Enhance Your Home with an Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

An inbuilt wood fireplace can dramatically enhance the ambiance of your home. With a large viewing area, you can enjoy the visual appeal of a real wood fire. Plus, with our range of accessories, you can further enhance your fireplace to create a truly unique feature.

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