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The Original Kamado BBQ Experience

Melbourne Woodheating Centre proudly presents the Big Green Egg, the leader in outdoor cookers. From the medium Big Green Egg to the large Big Green Egg, we offer the most popular and unrivalled kamado grills that have been revolutionising the BBQ market since 1974.

The Big Green Egg: More Than Just a Grill

The Big Green Egg is not just any grill; it’s a kamado-style ceramic charcoal cooker that’s why Big Green Egg is the leader in outdoor cooking. Its elegant green exterior with a lifetime warranty ensures you have a product that lasts, while the ceramic surface keeps your food safe to use.

Charcoal Cooking at its Finest

Experience the authentic taste of charcoal grilling with the Big Green Egg. The natural lump charcoal ensures your food gets that rich, smoky flavour, whether you’re grilling a steak or roasting a pizza. Lighting the charcoal is a breeze, and the residual heat burns away any leftovers, making it self-cleaning.

Large Egg to MiniMax Egg: Sizes for Every Need

Whether you’re accommodating a large gathering or just cooking for two, there’s a Big Green Egg for you. The large Big Green Egg is a favourite to handle the cooking needs of most families and gatherings of friends. On the other hand, the MiniMax Egg is perfect for couples or smaller meals.

Accessories to Enhance Your Cooking

From cooking grids to Eggcessories, we offer a wide range of Big Green Egg accessories to cater to all your cooking needs. Whether you’re baking a pizza or grilling eight steaks, these accessories ensure you get the best out of your Big Green Egg BBQ.
(H2) Why Choose Melbourne Woodheating Centre?
With over 30 years of experience, Melbourne Woodheating Centre is committed to offering Melbourne the best quality and value. Our team of experts is ready to guide you in selecting the perfect Big Green Egg for your needs. You’ll get unparalleled service and products. So, why wait? Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with us today!

Ready to dive into the world of Big Green Egg? Visit our showroom in Lilydale or contact our friendly team to discover the best kamado grill for your needs!

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