Wood Heaters

Wood Heaters

No other heating source can beat the comfort and delight of a blazing wood fire on a chilly Melbourne winter day. Wood heaters provide efficient, cosy heat and create a warm ambiance in any home. A wood heater draws people close and becomes a natural gathering spot for families and guests.

Finding the perfect wood heater for your home depends on the size of your space, whether your home is insulated, how big your windows are, and whether you have any other heat sources. With so many excellent wood heaters available, the selection process can be daunting. We will guide you through the options and help you select what is sure to become a much-loved focal point of your home.

Melbourne Woodheating Centre has an extensive range of wood heaters in-store, or you can click to view our range of inbuilt wood firesfreestanding wood fires, wood stoves, and fireplace accessories, online. Our range includes; CoonaraEureka, Jetmaster, MasportNectreRegency and many other brands online and instore.

Freestanding Wood Heaters

Freestanding wood heaters are available in a range of styles, finishes and colours. Traditional designs and classic shapes are the perfect complement for traditional homes, cottages and country style interiors. For a modern, contemporary feel, a minimalist style fireplace can create a sleek visual focal point.

View our selection of freestanding wood fires here.

Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Inbuilt wood heaters save on floor area and provide exciting installation opportunities. Some units can be placed within an existing fireplace to increase the efficiency of heat output. Other units are suitable to be installed within timber framing. These can be placed in different positions within your home to complement your floor plan and maximise heat distribution.

View our selection of inbuilt wood fires here.

Australian Made Wood Heaters

Discover our extensive range of Australian made wood heaters, designed and crafted in Australia – from the iconic Coonara range to Jindara and other Australian brands.

View our selection of Australian made wood fires here.

Affordable Wood Heaters

Welcome to Melbourne Woodheating Centre, where comfort meets affordability. Our selection of affordable wood heaters, featuring leading brands like Maxiheat and Kent, offers the perfect blend of efficiency, style, and cost-effectiveness. Dive into our range and find the ideal solution to keep your home warm and inviting, without stretching your budget.

View our selection of affordable wood heaters here

Best Wood Heaters

When it comes to warming your home with style, efficiency, and sustainability, choosing the right wood heater is paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of wood heaters, highlighting the top picks that merge aesthetic appeal with functional prowess. Whether you’re in the market for a freestanding model, seeking Australian-made excellence, or prioritising efficiency, our curated selection ensures you find the perfect wood heater to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

 View our selection of the Best Wood Heaters here

Double Sided Wood Heaters

Experience the epitome of warmth and modern elegance with our selection of Double Sided Wood Heaters at Melbourne Woodheating Centre. Designed to transform any space into a cosy haven, these heaters offer unparalleled efficiency and style. Our range includes the latest models from renowned brands, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home’s aesthetic and heating needs.

View our selection of Double Sided Wood heaters here

Small Wood Heaters

At Melbourne Woodheating Centre, we understand the essence of crafting a warm, inviting atmosphere in every corner of your home. Our selection of small wood heaters is tailor-made for those cosy spaces or as an additional source of warmth in larger settings. Each model is chosen for its ability to blend superior functionality with the undeniable charm of a real wood fire, ensuring your smaller spaces are just as inviting as your larger ones.

View our selection of Small Wood heaters here

Coonara Wood Heaters

Discover the warmth and reliability of Coonara Wood Heaters at Melbourne Woodheating Centre. Australian-made for unbeatable comfort during cold winters.

View our selection of Coonara wood fires here.

Nectre Wood Heaters

Find your perfect Nectre Wood Heater at Melbourne Woodheating Centre. Australian-made for superior quality and warmth in your home.

View our selection of Nectre wood fires here.

Heating Capacity – What’s Right for Your Space?

Some wood heaters are large enough to heat entire homes. Other units are designed for smaller area, such as a single room. The size of your house and your heating requirements will determine the size and efficiency of the unit you need in order to stay cosy and warm, without overheating your home through the winter months.

Wood heater heating capacity is measured in squares (Builders Square), in which 1 square is roughly equal to 10m2. For example, a house that measures 190m2 is approximately 19 squares. We make the process of choosing the best wood heater for your home as straight forward as possible.

Wood Heater Efficiency

The efficiency of a wood heater is measured by the unit’s ability to convert wood into heat. The average wood heater on the Australian market has and efficiency of 60%. Melbourne Woodheating Centre have wood heaters that range from 55% right up to 85% efficiency. Highly efficient heaters can save you up to 3 tonnes of wood per year.  However, to make the very best choice for your home, other factors must also be taken into consideration including initial purchase price, the quality and expected lifespan of the wood heater, and the visual style which will most suit your décor.

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Australian Brands Mean Warmth

We stock a large range of Australian made wood fire heaters from brands like Coonara, Eureka, Nectre and more. Australia’s southern states are subject to cold winters, so you need a heating solution that’s built for local conditions and that live up to your expectations. We proudly stock locally manufactured products so that you can be confident that you get the after sales support you need.


The team at Melbourne Woodheating Centre will arrange to install your wood heater to the manufacturer’s standards. We will ensure your heater is expertly fitted to give you years of safe, reliable and efficient performance.

Our highly experienced installation team will professionally prepare, install and finish all aspects of the wood heater installation, including framing and tiling work.

Look through some images of recent installations here.

What is Zero Clearance?

Zero clearance wood heaters are insulated fireboxes which do not need a brick fireplace. They can be installed directly into stud and plaster walls. A timber or metal framed surround is constructed and the wood heater is then inserted and flued to create a seamless inbuilt finish.

You can view our range of zero clearance inbuilt heaters here.


We stock everything you need to keep your fireplace safe, clean and performing efficiently. From fire screenslog holders and an extensive array of fire tool sets, see our full range of fireplace accessories here.

Wood Stoves

Enjoy the romance and delicious results of cooking on a real wood stove and baking in a wood fired oven. View our range of indoor wood stoves here.

For alfresco cuisine, nothing creates a party atmosphere like firing up your very own pizza oven. See our range of wood fired pizza ovens and grills here.

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