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Zero Clearance Wood Heating Fireplace Information

Welcome Melbourne Woodheating Centre’s Zero Clearance Installation page. ‘Zero Clearance’ refers to wood heating fireplaces that can be installed directly into timber frameworks, bypassing the need for traditional masonry. These self-contained fireboxes require no clearance from combustible materials, allowing for flexible placement in your home. Here, you’ll find links to various manufacturers’ installation instructions. Our team at Melbourne Woodheating Centre is always ready to assist with your queries.

Installation Guides and Documents

The following documents are a guild to the installation of brand specific zero clearance units. If you have further questions, please contact us or the manufacturer. Please note we highly recommend you use a licensed professional for all heater installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A zero clearance fireplace refers to a type of wood heating fireplace that can be installed directly into a timber framework, without the need for traditional masonry or brickwork. The term 'zero clearance' means that the fireplace has its own insulation and requires no clearance from combustible materials in your home. It's a flexible and convenient heating solution offered by Melbourne Woodheating Centre.
Yes! Zero clearance fireplaces are designed with safety in mind. They have their own insulation which allows them to be installed close to combustible materials without posing a fire risk. However, it's essential that they are installed correctly, following the manufacturer's instructions. At Melbourne Woodheating Centre, we can guide you through the installation process (as well as organising installation for you) to ensure safety and efficiency.
Yes, you can. Zero clearance fireplaces are designed to accommodate wood burning. They provide the charm and warmth of a traditional wood fire, but with the added convenience of being able to be installed almost anywhere in your home. Melbourne Woodheating Centre offers a range of zero clearance fireplaces suitable for wood burning.
As the name suggests, zero clearance fireplaces require minimal clearance from combustible materials, thanks to their built-in insulation. This allows for greater flexibility in installation locations within your home. If you have any questions about installation, the team at Melbourne Woodheating Centre is always ready to help.
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