Ambe linear 50 deep

The Ambe Linear50 Deep is a modern electric fireplace that gives you the ambience and look of a real fire, without the mess or fuss.

Installing a Linear50 Deep is easy, there’s no maintenance, and no need to worry about firewood. Plus, they’re safe to touch so curious little fingers and paws stay safe.

And with a range of fuelbeds and fascias to choose from, the design choice is in your hands. This fireplace is everything you need to transform your living space, and bring your home to life with the beauty of flames.

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    • Specifications

    Includes: Black Acrylic, Clear Acrylic and White Stones and Black Glass Fascia.

    Optional Extras: Log Set, Crushed Glass.

    New Zealand owned company.

    Made in China


    Heat output: 1.6kW (30m2)

    Product Dimensions: W1240mm x H425mm x D230mm

    Fascia Dimensions: W1300mm x H457mm x D6mm

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