Archer 900/905 Flat Front Insert

The Archer heater range with its 5.4 to 5.7 energy star rating is today the world leader in modern day gas heating technology.  Its classic beautiful styling and the natural look of a gas log fire will complement any home decor.

With its patented  triple heat ex-changer the Archer Gas Log fire extracts 92%+ heat from the incoming gas which is directly transferred into your home allowing it to heat up to 25 squares.

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    • Features
    • Heats up to 25 Squares
    • 5.4 Star rating
    • Made in Australia
    • 90% Efficient
    • Gas Consumption 45Mj NG/LP (High)
    • Remote Optional
    • Optional Colours available
    • Chrome/Gold Doors Available
    • Remote Optional
    • Stainless Steel Available
    • Zero Clearance Installation
    • Rear or top flue optional (40mm PVC)
    • Huge 995mm Panoramic Glass Window

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