Blaze 500 Freestanding Wood Heater

The Blaze 500 Includes a 3.6m Flue kit and backed by Nectre Australia with a 10 year warranty, plus we can organize everything including delivery, installation & compliance unlike other major cash and carry suppliers

The Blaze 500 will heat up to 18 squares (170m2). With large door openings it will accept large logs and provide a beautiful view of your living fire.  Pecan engineers have worked hard to create a range of heaters that will be compliant to the future Australian standard of 1.5 grams and 60% efficiency many years ahead of the 2019 introduction of these standards.

Price Includes Standard Flue Kit

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    • Features
    • Heats up to 18 Squares
    • Emissions 0.7 grams
    • Efficiency 60%
    • Made in China
    • 8mm Steel Baffle
    • Fan Included
    • Convection Heater
    • Large Glass door
    • 6mm Steel firebox

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