Coonara Compact Freestanding Wood Heater

Coonara Compact Freestanding Wood Heater

The best things come in small packages, and the Coonara Compact Freestanding Wood Heater is a testament to that vision. Designed to be an ideal compact wood heater for smaller spaces, it combines size and aesthetic appeal with the ability to provide comfort and warmth for living areas up to 10 squares*. This efficient wood heater sets the benchmark in the evolution of compact wood heaters, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Proudly an Australian made wood heater, it features a glass size of 410mm wide by 230mm high, an optional 3-speed fan (which should be used when the heater is operating), and a standard charcoal colour. With firebricks in the base of the box and a 10-year firebox warranty, the Coonara Compact Freestanding Wood Heater ensures durability and reliable performance. Experience the warmth and charm of a Coonara wood fireplace, designed for efficient and stylish home heating.

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    • Specifications
    • 10
    • 1.2
    • 60.3
    • 10.2
    • 330H x
      430W x
    • 665H x
      560W x
    • 150
    • Rear: 125
      Side: 375
      Corner: 175
    • Either side of door opening: 200
      Front: 300
    • 112

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