The Coonara Royal Domain has all the charm and romance that you would expect from this 5 star heater. You can just sit back and relax on these cold chilly nights and be mesmerised by these stunning flame patterns which makes this heater a really special one.

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    • Specifications
    • 20 Squares
    • 84
    • Top Flue: 4.9
      Horizontal Flue: 4.8
    • 600H x
      705W x
    • 680H x
      860W x
    • 40
    • Vertical
      Through Wall
    • Standard
    • Optional
    • 90
    • NG & LPG
    • High 36MJH
      Low 26MJH
    • High 30.5MJH
      Low 21.0MJH

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