Coonara Settler C600 Ranch Freestanding Wood Heater

Coonara Settler C600 Ranch Freestanding Wood Heater

The new Coonara Settler C600 Ranch Freestanding Wood Heater simplifies wood heating with its enormous firebox for longer burns. This Australian made wood heater now includes a large wood storage unit underneath for added convenience. It features a large self-cleaning window, durable cast liners, and a 3-speed fan, efficiently heating up to 30 squares. As an efficient wood heater, the Settler C600 Ranch offers superior performance and a stylish addition to your home. Experience the warmth and practicality of a Coonara wood fireplace with the Settler C600 Ranch, designed for larger living spaces.

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    • Features
    • Heats up to 30 Squares
    • Emissions 2.0 grams
    • Efficiency 55.7%
    • Made in Australia
    • 3 speed fan included
    • Optional patterned side panels
    • Wood storage
    • Cast iron liners

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