Hark Chubby Offset Smoker

Hark Chubby Offset Smoker is the little brother to the Texas Pro Pit and features the same heavy duty construction to retain more heat for longer, but in a more compact version for everyday use.

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    • Features

    • 20” barrel diameter with heavy steel construction, door seals and heat resistant paint.
    • Large cooking capacity – Firebox Grills 46.5 x 40 cm, Chamber Grills 75.5 x 50 cm and Warming Shelf 65 x 26.5cm
    • Slide out ash drawer and two adjustable dampers.
    • Heat management baffles for a more even cook.
    • Two temperature probe access holes on either side and a large temperature gauge on the lid.
    • Fold down front shelf, grease bucket and handy bottle opener on the side.

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