Jindara Kimberley Inbuilt Wood Heater

The Jindara Kimberley Inbuilt Wood Heater is the ideal solution for heating mid-sized homes up to 18 squares. This Australian made wood heater combines efficiency and style, offering the same great features as the larger Hamersley Inbuilt model.

Enjoy the stunning view through the large panoramic glass window, and benefit from the extra deep ashbed that reduces the need for frequent cleaning. Cast iron liners ensure longer heat retention, while the 2-speed fan with boost option enhances heat distribution. With these impressive features, the Jindara Kimberley Inbuilt Wood Fireplace guarantees warmth and comfort on cold winter nights, making it the perfect addition to any mid-sized home.

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    • Features
    • Heats up to 22 Squares
    • Emissions 0.3 Grams
    • Efficiency 65%
    • Made in Australia
    • Double folded 8mm Steel baffle
    • Deep Ashbed for infrequent cleaning
    • Panoramic glass window
    • 2 Speed fan with boost feature
    • Brushed Chrome door trim option
    • Zero Clearance Box available

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