Visionline TAURUS Freestanding Wood Heater

A feature rich slow combustion unit, the VisionLINE Taurus unit encompasses style and class with efficient, radiating heat.

The rectangular fireplace is distinguished by its high-quality materials and is offered in 3 different models, melding into any space with ease.

Accompanied by a large heating capacity and long burn times the VisionLINE Taurus unit will emanate warmth and sophistication, transforming any space with its sleek and modern design.

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    • Features
    • ● 50mm firebrick baffle
    • ● Heavy duty steel construction
    • ● Self closing door
    • ● 3 models:
      Freestanding (with fan option)
      Zero clearance (VL power duct)
    • ● Large heating capacity
    • ● Long burn times
    • ● Large full glass door
    • Peak Efficiency 74%
    • 1.5g/kg Emissions
    • 30sq Heating Capacity

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