Weber Pulse 2000

Weber Pulse 2000 is the latest revolution from Weber combining their unique cooking system with the latest in technology with Weber’s iGrill probe smartphone app.

The Pulse 2000 does away with the hassle of running out of gas or charcoal, simply plug into any standard 240v power point and you’ll be up an grilling in no time. This makes it the perfect BBQ for anyone living in a high rise apartment, unit or anywhere where Gas or Charcoal may not be appropriate.  With its iGrill technology you can accurately track the grill temperature as well as the progress of your food, through the iGrill app on your smart phone (Apple or Android).

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    • Features
    • Approximate total grilling area: 1800cm
    • Porcelain enamel coated cast iron grills
    • 240v / 2200w (Max temp 300C)
    • Feeds up to 10 people
    • 2 iGrill Probes included (Max 4 capacity)
    • Electronic temperature control
    • Digital Thermometer with LED display
    • Optional cart available

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