Escea TFS1000

This contemporary linear fireplace is a born hero with an old soul.  Featuring an even larger viewing window, and a refined aesthetic which blurs the lines between the fire and the room – for an uninterrupted view of the flames.

Featuring Escea’s Direct Vent Technology and Smart Fan giving you less drafts, smoke and wasted heat – and better overall home performance. 

Elevate the TFS1000 with Escea’s range of plinths to complement your freestanding wood fireplace.

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    • Features
    • Direct Vent Technology
    • Smart Fan – 2 Speeds
    • Generous Window
    • Frameless Trim or Linear Fascia
    • Plinths – Steel or engineered concrete (optional)

    Curious to see if our heaters are the perfect fit for your home? Our team offers a complimentary, on-site assessment to ensure the ideal match for your needs.

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