Jindara Riverina / Barossa / Barwon Freestanding Wood Heater

The Jindara Riverina, Barossa, and Barwon Freestanding Wood Heaters are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. These Australian made wood heaters feature taller pedestals, allowing for easy loading of heavy logs, making your heating experience more convenient.

Available in three models, each with varying heating capacities, you can easily select the perfect size to suit your home. Whether you need the compact efficiency of the Riverina, the mid-range power of the Barossa, or the extensive heating capability of the Barwon, these efficient wood heaters ensure your home remains warm and cosy. With their straightforward design and reliable performance, the Jindara Riverina, Barossa, and Barwon Freestanding Wood Heaters are ideal choices for any household seeking a practical and stylish wood fireplace.

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    • Features
    • 3 Speed Fan
    • Firebrick Lined
    • 8mm Steel Baffle Plate
    • 10 Year Firebox Warranty
    • Tall pedestal for easy loading

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