Nectre Mk1 LE Freestanding Wood Heater

Nectre Mk1 LE Freestanding Wood Heater

The Nectre Mk1 LE Freestanding Wood Heater is the original wood heater that launched Pecan Engineering’s renowned line of products. With its proud heritage, this efficient wood heater has evolved over time and remains one of the most reliable heaters on the market. Featuring a robust cast iron door, the Nectre Mk1 can be customised with either legs or a pedestal. It also includes dual air controls for enhanced control and faster start-up. Proudly designed and Australian made, the Nectre Mk1 embodies the perfect blend of tradition and modern efficiency, making it an excellent choice for any home seeking a dependable wood fireplace.

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    • Features
    • Heats up to 20 Squares
    • Emissions 0.95 grams
    • Efficiency 73%
    • Made in Australia
    • Radiant heater
    • Legs or pedestal option
    • Large cast iron door
    • Cook top
    • Stay cool spring handle

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