Regency GF900L Greenfire Built In Gas Log Fire

Regency GF900L Greenfire Built In Gas Log Fire

Modern Elegance and Efficient Heating

The Regency GF900L Greenfire Built In Gas Log Fire brings a modern touch to any living space with its sleek, linear design. This stylish fireplace features a seamless design and beautiful wide-angle flames set on a coastal driftwood log fire, creating a captivating focal point.

Enjoy efficient, clean-burning zone heating with the GF900L, offering both warmth and aesthetic appeal. Its contemporary styling makes it a perfect addition to any home, blending functionality with visual elegance.

Experience the ultimate in modern fireplace design and efficient heating with the Regency GF900L Greenfire Built In Gas Log Fire. Enhance your living space with this sophisticated and stylish heating solution.

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    • Features
    • Heats up to 10-12 Squares
    • Star rating 3.6
    • Gas Consumption 35Mj NG 28Mj LP
    • Made in Canada
    • Wide decorative landscape
    • 3 speed fan
    • Optional stainless or black finish
    • Optional Fascias
    • Optional inner panels
    • Remote Control

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