VisionLINE Phoenix – Freestanding Wood Heater

The VisionLINE Phoenix offers a modern design with clean, sophisticated lines, and the option of a convenient wood storage pedestal base. Taking its design principles from its larger counterpart the Taurus, the Phoenix is the perfect complement for any contemporary home. Featuring a unique rear crossflow baffle system, which gives you more room for fuel with a bypass for easy starting, and optional dual fans, the Phoenix will help create a warming environment during the harshest of Australian winters.

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    • Features
    • Full glass door
    • Rear Crossflow baffle system
    • Heavy Kiln brick lined firebox with ash lip
    • Baffle bypass system for easy starting
    • Single burn rate control
    • Outside air ready
    • Dual fan option
    • 6mm Steel construction
    • Tested with both mesh and solid decorative flue

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