The new Coonara Yarra will enhance any home with its amazing heat output and stylish flames flickering before your eyes creating a perfect relaxing atmosphere.

The Coonara Yarra is the latest edition into our gas fires range. The unit comes standard with a thermostat, black mirror glass, a choice of a 20mm or 40mm trim, optional wi-fi and will transform any living room into a warm and cosy one.

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    • Features
    • Specifications

    High Efficiency: Up to 79.6% NG | 77.5% LPG

    Heating Capacity: Up to 18 Squares

    Australian Made

    • 18
    • Vertical Flue: 72.2 NG | 72.2 LPG
      Horizontal Flue: 79.6 NG | 77.5 LPG
    • Vertical Flue: 3.2 NG | 3.2 LPG
      Horizontal Flue: 4.3 NG | 4.0 LPG
    • 1090H (inc. Spigot) x
      813W x
    • 742H x
      888W x
    • Vertical – Yes
      Horizontal – Yes
    • Yes
    • No
    • 86
    • NG & LPG
    • High 39MJH
      Low 29.8MJH
    • High 38.5MJH
      Low 27.3MJH

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