Jetmaster Universal Insert Inbuilt Wood Heater

Jetmaster Universal insert fireplace provides the romance and ambience of an traditional open fire but with better efficiency and air circulation with is patented design. The Jetmaster Universal Inserts come in a variety of sizes meaning this can just about be retro fitted inside any existing fireplace to provide more heat and efficiency. Dont have a brick fireplace? Dont worry the Jetmaster range can come with an optional zero clearance box which means you can build a frame out of timber to what ever size you want.  The Jetmaster range will suit any look from the Modern with its minimalist lines or have it set inside a cast fascia and mantle for that more traditional look.

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    • Features
    • Over 12 sizes Available
    • Energy saving efficiency
    • 5 times more heat out put than an average open fire, with half the wood used
    • Child safe, plus hook on safety screen.
    • Zero Clearance fireboxes available.
    • 15 Year warranty on the fire box.

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